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When Human Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence, you get some serious investment performance.

Our track record: 32% CAGR over 20 years

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Want to know the 3 reasons why our approach to PMS and Fund Management, works across cycles?

wealth management

These days, there are plenty who sport the "Wealth Management" tag. But Wealth Management is no child's play. It takes massive effort to build such capabilities.

At First Global, we have married extreme Big Data Science, Artificial Intelligence with our 30+ years of analysing global wealth making processes, to come up with our 4 mantras of Wealth Management.

Mantra No. 1: Perfect, data- driven Tactical Asset Allocation

Want to know the other 3 mantras of how we will manage and grow your wealth?

Broking and Trading

The "Muft mein bhi mehnga" Model is broken.

Let's face it: the low/ zero brokerage model just doesn't work anymore. It just leaves tons of broken lives, massive losses, in its wake.

What game are you in: Lose money-save brokerage. Or make money?

With First Global's unique tech and innovation driven style, you will realise the value of paying a bit for good advice.


Our investment analysis tools give you the power to beat the pros.

Our University builds your grey matter up to make sense of this puzzle called markets.

Partnering with us is your chance to build a sustainable business model.

With First Global, all our clients and partners are always One Step Ahead.

Self Drive Portfolio Baskets

Confused with the "Buy this/ Sell that" daily bombardment from Brokers?

If you are a small to medium sized investor, with a few lakhs to invest, our game-changing Self Drive Portfolio Baskets (SDPB) Product is perfect for you.

A hand-picked list of 15-25 stocks that delivers market-beating returns.

Simplify your investing life completely. Eliminate noise & confusion from your life.

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First Global's research and ideas have been covered in major US, European and Asian publications like

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