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Career at First Global

Working at First Global

At First Global, we provide both the learning and career opportunities necessary to fulfill your professional goals.

Our team fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to participate and offer their perspectives.

We invest in our employees and take pride in their achievements, because at First Global we believe it is the caliber of our employees that differentiates us.

First Global is India's most innovative, forward-thinking, tech- driven securities firm. Among its pioneering efforts have been becoming the first Indian firm to go global and become member of the London Stock Exchange and the NASD, and the very first to take a rigorous quantitative approach to portfolio and asset management.

Blazing a trail of creative thinking, seeing trends ahead of the crowd, identifying major inflection points in countries, regions companies, sectors and asset classes, First Global stands apart from the rest.

First Global has been in the Investment, Research and Advice business for 30 years, and with presence in Global Markets, for over 20 years. Until recently, we used our Global Asset Allocation capabilities to assist large global institutional clients, who manage trillions of dollars, to invest globally.

In the last couple of years, we have opened these capabilities to help individuals HNIs and Family Offices, get the same expertise that large multi-billion funds get and therefore, have launched our own Investment Products like the PMS, Global portfolios, Global Offshore Funds etc. 

First Global has always been a thought leader and trail blazer known for its innovative and well-analyzed takes on both macroeconomics and the financial markets.

Why You should work at First Global

A culture of ownership where highly driven and motivated employees can thrive

  • Outstanding opportunities for advancement at a growing firm
  • Our culture is a hard-driving, aggressive, number-driven culture.
  • We are an organisation driven to compete aggressively every day in the world.
  • First Global is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK.
  • First Global is a composite member of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE). First Global is also registered with SEBI as Category I Merchant Banker, Portfolio Manager and Research Entity. First Global is regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in India.

Our people need to work hard. And work smart and have fun doing it! Are you ready for the ride?

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Department Job Title No. of Positions Download JD
A Sales Senior Relationship Managers - Investment & Wealth Products 3
B Onboarding and KYC Assistant Manager- Onboarding & KYC 1

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C Accounts Accounts Executive 1

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Accolades & Happiness Under Management

First Global has been widely commended by Global Media. And by thousands of big & small investors worldwide

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