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We know a bit about building, growing and retaining wealth. We have been doing it a long time. Talk to us . It's something you should be doing without even a second's delay. Because Wealth never sleeps.

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How First Global Helps Build Your Wealth

We focus on what builds wealth. We leave the others to focus on stuff that destroys wealth.
We offer best in class access to:

  • In- house India Portfolio Management Services (Know More)
  • In- house Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)
  • Global Portfolio Management Services (Know More)
  • Global Fund product (Know More)
  • A full suite of Mutual Funds
  • Direct Equities
  • Venture Capital Fund access
  • Fixed Income Products
  • Third party PMS, AIF products

The 4 ways in which we build, nurture and grow your wealth.

Through our 30 years of experience, and with the addition of very advanced Artificial Intelligence models, we have analysed every aspect of Wealth Management.

And discovered 4 mantras.

Wealth Management Services

Through decades of studies, it's been proven that top down asset allocation, determines 90% of your returns.

We understand and use this deeply, but most don't.

That's why your wealth has to be entrusted to people who understand what Top Down Asset Allocation means and how it's implemented effectively.

Again, we speak with data. And the data speaks, loud and clear: having a foot in every asset class, is essential.

But what's even more essential is, the tactical asset allocation strategy that we follow.

The weightings we assign to each asset class at different points in time, should be dynamically adjusted, based again, on data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

That's how we, at First Global, do it.

We take the emotion out of asset allocation.

Most, if not all, wealth management mistakes happen because of the biases of the wealth advisor. (There is also this bit of unethical, mis-selling, but we will leave that for some other day).

Most advisors are biased towards Equity. And even more, are biased towards single country (ie, India) Investing.

These are prime recipes for wealth disasters.

At First Global, we view the world as your playground.

The world is teeming with opportunities.

So many that it will make your head spin.

Tons of low- hanging returns are available.

But it takes tons of experience and mega-tons of analytical firepower to master the world.

And we, at First Global, have built these global wealth management capabilities over 20+ years.

So, with us, you will get global wealth management advice, that will diversify your wealth away from what we call SCCARs (Single Country, Single Currency, Single Asset, Risks).

We will guide you, in building a robust, sustainable, global wealth portfolio.

A Portfolio that will be All Weather.

A Portfolio that won't suffer SCCARs.

You have heard this all your life: You need to take higher risk in order to make high returns.

Now understand what this is: it is The biggest piece of nonsense in Investing.

This is what naive amateurs believe.

We, at First Global, have found that this isn't true at all.

Scouring through giga-tons of Investment data from India and from across the world, we find a mass of opportunities wherein we get virtually" risk-free" alpha ie additional returns without taking additional risk.

Of course, it isn't easy. Only we know how much effort it takes.

But it's absolutely well worth it, when we see how well our clients' wealth performs, with lower risk and volatility than almost any other comparative wealth management style.

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We understand how wealth is built. And kept safe

If you are someone (High Net Worth individual, Corporate Executive, Promoter- Founder of a listed/ unlisted company, Self- employed professional/ business person) who wants Wealth Management advice that goes way beyond the run-of-the-mill stuff offered by the rest, drop us an email on WM@firstglobalsec.com, and we will get to work immediately.

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