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First Global is absolutely the Best Fund Management House that you, as a Partner, need to associate with.

Why do we say so? Several reasons.

1. The First Global name & of its Founders, carries unparalleled credibility across the country and globally, amongst big and small investors. Every month, we receive thousands of enquiries, with zero advertising.

2. Tremendous Investment Performance, across periods and products.

3. Our Products are perfectly designed: compact list, no confusion, address both domestic India & Global investing needs of investors.

4. Our Products move fast. The sales cycle in our products is extremely short because people are highly aware of our name and credibility built over decades. When you add our industry leading performance, cutting edge investment tech, you realize that the product is as good as sold the moment you have introduced any client of yours to us.

When you consider everything, as a rational entrepreneur, you will immediately see why you should partner in distributing First Global investment products without any delay!

I want to become a First Global Partner!

Partnership models

Our unique partnership model is ideal for those Institutions/ individuals who are into distribution of third-party Wealth and Investment Products.

Our unique range of niche products will not only add value to their overall offerings but will also provide ultimate value to their clients as well.

Potential partners include:


Quite simple. We are The Best in this business

And here are the rest of the reasons

It is of great importance that our channel partners should have complete information on markets and on how to use the current tools and other related software.

In order to facilitate the same, we have designed the training programs so as to keep our channel partners aware of latest development and current technologies thereby helping them to understand and meet customer needs.

Further, we also conduct customized training programs on different modules/ products/ asset-class/ offerings/ on an ongoing basis to keep them updated on overall developments as well as our offerings.

Also, we understand the importance of your need for engaging customers for sustenance and development of business. Therefore, we adopt and execute different innovative styles of engaging prospective and current customers through our value-based systems and continuous investor meets on different occasions. We provide the training programs/ modules mentioned below to our Business Associates:

  • Product Training: We provide different products training modules that offer in-depth understanding of the products offered by us.
  • Systems Training: An essential guide on Trading.
  • Operations Training: Daily Operations’ Training Module.
  • Sales Training: Focuses on the soft skills that are required so as to initiate and engage client meets thereby increasing sales and profitability.
  • Compliance Training: It covers important aspects of rules and regulations.

We have a dedicated team to cater to your entire depository participant’s requirement via our strategic partnerships for both NSDL & CDSL. Following are services that can be availed:

  • Account Opening Assistance
  • KYC Modification i.e. email, mobile, address change, etc.
  • Demat & Remat services
  • Share Pledging
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Account Closures (if any).

First Global has a strong budget for marketing activities on social media as well as both ATL & BTL. Apart from respective Branches as aforementioned, there is a dedicated team to support Business Associates in their routine business activities. First Global shall provide with necessary marketing support so as to reach to the right target audience:

  • Marketing Collaterals: We provide various types of marketing collaterals like Brochures, Pamphlets, Canopies, Banners, Posters and Danglers.
  • Seminars & Events: We organize seminars related to markets and investments so as to provide benefit to our Business Associates. These seminars & events in-turn help our Business Associates to acquire and retain clients
  • Customer Profiling, Business Analysis & Communication: We have a team that regularly interacts, analyzes and tracks the performance of your clients. Based on the overall performance grid, we communicate the same with our Business Associates so that it can help them understand their clients, deepen relationships, thereby generating trust and more business from them.

At First Global, Dedicated Risk management helps Business Associates to understand and manage their Client’s risk in a better way and ease of one point contact for all risk related queries.

  • Our IT support team caters to all your IT requirements 24x7.
  • Dedicated team of Engineers to assist on various IT issues.
  • Continuous up-gradation leading to latest experience in IT services & procedures.
  • Solve all your queries with our remote assist guide.
  • Security is of priority to us. Experience the power of virtual private networks.
  • Dedicated software Engineers to manage your business.
  • Robust Back Office Operation & Support
  • Fundamental Research Reports
  • Daily Technical Reports
  • Weekly Technical Reports
  • Industry-wise Fundamental Reports
  • Overall India Strategy Reports
  • Individual Company Reports
  • Various Advisory Products
  • Delivery Ideas (BTST/ Positional / Swing Trades)
  • Investment Ideas
  • Momentum Trading
  • Quantitative Strategies
  • Multiple Products Mix across various Asset Classes
  • Latest Superior Technology
  • Mobile App And Tablet App (Single & Multi User)
  • Back Office App
  • Mutual Fund App & Portfolio tracker (includes the entire family)
  • Desktop and Laptop Application
  • Web Portal
  • Client Portal
  • Portfolio Advisory and Restructuring Tool
  • Back Office Mobile-App for clients

Key Benifits :

  • Comprehensive Business Insights to help you compare your business performance over corresponding periods
  • Quick view of your Newly acquired, Inactive & Top customers
  • Instant client search providing comprehensive information on all your clients right from their Portfolio Holdings, Transactions to their Profit & Loss and Revenue
  • Indian and Global Market information with one click access to Top 3 Gainers, Top 3 Losers & Top 3 Most Active by Volume for Equity and Commodity
  • Know the trend of your Revenue, Sales and AUM generated across products for the Day, Week, Month & Year
  • Know your top clients across each category at the click of a button
  • Compare your business performance analysis over different periods.
  • Know your newly acquired clients across segments
  • Know which of your clients have not given margins yet
  • Get comprehensive view of your inactive, top broking and asset clients
  • Get client list at the click of a button and access to call/email client from every screen
  • Address proof like Aadhaar card, latest telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, valid driving license or most recent bank statement.
  • Proof of identity like PAN card of Aadhaar card.
  • Four photographs.
  • CA reference letter.
  • Education Qualification Certificates.
  • Name affidavit in case of any mismatch in names, on a Rs. 100 stamp paper.
Accolades & Happiness Under Management

First Global has been widely commended by Global Media. And by thousands of big & small investors worldwide

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