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If you aren't diversifying your Investments globally, you will suffer SCCARS ( Single Country, Single Currency, Single Asset Risks)

See this Graph below. As is crystal clear, investing in India has delivered abysmal returns in US Dollar terms.

Global Investment Chart

Avoid SCCARS with First Global's two Global Investment Products.*

Remember:There is always a bull market and a bear market, in some asset class, somewhere in the the same time!

And also remember: Single Country Feeder Funds simply don't work because they just put you into what is the latest fad country ( sometimes NASDAQ, sometimes Emerging Markets).

What you need is tactical global asset allocation: exposure across multiple asset classes, multiple countries, multiple sectors, multiple stocks.

This is exactly what our two global investment products give you.

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Global Multi Asset Allocation Portfolio (GMAAP)

Global Investment PMS

Global Multi Asset Allocation Portfolio (GMAAP)

The GMAAP is meant for Investors who wish to invest between USD 10,000 to USD 99,000 in Global Asset Allocation Investing.

It's part of the First Global Family *of SWAW (Single Window-All Weather) Managed Investment Products.

The GMAAP is a Multi Asset Portfolio,that invests across all major Asset Classes across the world, delivering reasonable, steady, low volatility USD returns.

The key lies in First Global's systematic approach called Risk and Return Optimisation (RARO).

In this, we comb the world, looking for opportunities across Asset Classes, across the world, and invest in them.

For example, the GMAAP will have exposure to Global Equities, Global Fixed Income, Global REITS, Global Commodities.

The weightings for each Asset Class is changed dynamically and tactically, based First Global's analysis of the relative value of each Asset Class.

Our central learning over 30+ years is that top-down, global asset allocation based Investing works excellently in delivering long term dollar compounding.

In fact, far better than bottom up, stock centric strategies, as tons of Investment Research show.

FG Capital SPC - Global Freedom Fund (FG-GFF)

Global Investment Fund

FG Capital SPC - Global Freedom Fund (FG-GFF)

The FG-GFF Fund is open to investors who wish to invest USD 100,000 and above

FG Capital SPC - Global Freedom Fund (FG-GFF) is an international fund, based out of Cayman Islands.

The FG-GFF is part of First Global's Single Window-All Weather (SWAW) Investment Products.*

The FG-GFF uses First Global's proprietary Risk and Return Optimisation (RARO) tech, which seeks to deliver enhanced, "excess" return for a given level risk.

Using the RARO technology, we are able to pick extra Alpha, available virtually "free of additional risk".

The FG-GFF's core strategy follows our central learning that nearly 90% of returns in Investing, come from getting the Top Down Asset Allocation (markets, asset classes) right.

Specific stock selection adds only 10% or so to the returns.

Hence, the FG-GFF invests globally across markets, across Asset Classes: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, REITs.

The weightings of each Asset Class in the Portfolio is adjusted dynamically and tactically.

The objective of the FG-GFF is to deliver steady, low volatility returns, with an ability to capture "excess risk-free return" available throughout the world, because of market inefficiencies.

* Offered through overseas affiliates

The Unconventional Wisdom behind First Global's Investing Process

First Global is renowned across the world for being deeply data driven, in its investment approach. We are unemotional about investing. We don't get romantic about it. We view it for what it is: a vehicle to get rich, while minimising risk. So why does our investing model work across cycles and markets?

The most common investment myth that is peddled day in and day out, is that diversification is the enemy of high returns.

In reality concentrated portfolios are a recipe for disaster more often than not.

Any fund manager who professes to run deeply concentrated portfolios is going to be a fund manager who will do well for sometime and then flame out when even one or two stocks in the portfolio run into bad weather.

At First Global, our research and learnings have been exactly to the contrary.

As a result of our strategy of diversification, we have found that you can generate tons of alpha without adding proportionately to risk.

Across market cycles.

Portfolio Management Services of First Global

Another common myth that is heard all the time is that to make high returns, you have to take high risk.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our research and findings are again to the contrary.

First Global has simplified the confusing world of investing, into an elegant, simplified, yet deeply researched, Investment Model.

The Model is called Return and Risk Optimization (RARO) Model of Investing.

What is the RARO Model?

It has taken us decades to figure this out. And frankly, it's a tad complicated.

But let us simplify it for you.

Taking off from Nobel-winner Markowitz's Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), First Global has innovated on this.

And discovered that a newer, far more efficient frontier exists in investing, wherein you can actually maximize return while minimizing risk.

Don't ask us how. Because that's our secret sauce. Tons of data have been mined, hundreds of patterns have been detected. Conclusions have been built.

Suffice it to say that this is what the RARO Model is: finding the best investment ideas, in India and across the world, that give virtually" free" alpha, ie , high return but without adding to units of risk.

Again, most fund managers approach the business of investing as they would approach a romantic affair: you fall in love with your stocks. You overlook even the most obvious danger signs. And you hang on to the bitter end.

Not us.

We are neutral. Unbiased. Unemotional.

If we see a problem in a portfolio stock, or in a sector, or in a country, we will be out.

There will be no rationalizing.

This makes our approach robust. It makes our approach less risky.

All of it makes for sustained investment performance.


We manage money using the RARO Model

First Global's Investment Management Products span the world. Including India.

And three decades of investing experience have given us one - yes, one-central learning : That top down, Asset Allocation-Country Allocation- Sector Allocation, determines 90% of your returns.

Bottom up stock picking adds just 10% value!

And all the noise you hear is only about "great stock picks".

We have morphed this learning into the Risk and Return Optimisation ( RARO) Model of Investing, which we have explained above.

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