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First Global is a firm with 30+ years of pedigree in the investing business. Trusted by thousands of big institutional investors and small investors, worldwide.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), US, Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), India, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

But These Are Not The Reasons Why You Should Trust Us With Your Money.

The main reasons are:

A. We have a strong conscience.

B. Integrity is at the very core of our belief.

C. We know the game of investing better than anybody else around.

D. We feel for your money and we will never ever do anything or recommend anything that is against your best interests. Irrespective of whether we make money or not.

That's rare in this business, isn't it?

What matters to us is not our income, our AUM or any vanity metric like that.

Just one thing matters: how well have we done for you: Your wealth, your portfolio. If your portfolios do well as a result of our advice, we sleep well.

Otherwise, we don't.

Because, in our world view, if you don't have a conscience and if you don't have integrity, you have nothing.


Our Investing Mantras

Avoid the Big Losses

Be the "House", not the "Gambler"

Protect in Down Markets
Participate in Up Markets

Play for Singles. Not for Home Runs

Play Everything. Believe Nothing

Not Bullish. Not Bearish. Be Hare-ish

Great trades are like buses
There's always one coming

No Storification. Just Datafication

Rigidity Kills. In Arteries. And in Investing

Our Cutting Edge AI-ML InvestTech

A Unique Combinatorial Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence Approach.

Plenty of studies show that standalone, neither Human nor Machine Models, work. For a variety of reasons.

Which is why we, at First Global, use a Combination of Human Intelligence with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning known to man.

This investment tech stack is called the FG ExoTech, which has several proprietary sub-stacks, viz., Turbo, Agreement In Motion (AIM), Weight Watcher (WW), Glocom, SkyEye, Volp. We daresay we have created one of the most sophisticated quantitative investment engines in the world.

With vast computing power, our systems comb mountains of financial data, annual reports, quarterly and annual numbers across decades plus use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read and process tons of written material - Call transcripts, press coverage, social media chatter, macroeconomic data, quantitative sentiment indicators, etc.

These data are analyzed, and the best list of stocks and assets are identified. Then, come in our combined 100+ years of investing experience, to pick the best of the best. Add to this, extremely rigid and process-driven risk management.

This combinatorial Human+ Machine approach makes us Neutral. Unbiased. Unemotional. Flexible. Relevant.

The First Global Edge

Why? What is Trust? Why are some firms trusted and some are not?

Trust=Track Record.

That's the equation.

Blazing a trail of creative thinking, seeing trends ahead of the crowd, identifying major inflection points in companies, sectors, countries, regions and Asset Classes, First Global stands apart from the rest.

This globalization of our research and thinking, has given us tremendous experience and wisdom in understanding global macro and micro trends, way ahead of the rest of our competitors.

This ability to see things ahead, in turn, gives First Global's clients, the inside track in being ahead of the market.

And that's the key to making money in investing.

At First Global, our sole mantra is: should we think the way the market is thinking? Or is it time to go against the herd.

It's this critical thinking that has always set us apart from the rest.

Be it identifying HDFC Bank on its listing day at Rs. 30, back in 1996, to identifying Amazon in 2001, Apple in 2002, Netflix in 2010, Shopify in 2017, Twitter in 2016.

At the same time, we have been unafraid to take strong stands against vastly inflated bubbles, whether in Tech, in 2000 February, or in Infrastructure and Financials, in December 2007.

Why is The Hare, our Mascot

Because the Hare embodies everything that our investment approach is:

The Hare runs fast. Jumps fast. Brakes fast.

The Hare is able to swim extremely well too, making it extremely amphibious.

The Hare is extremely lean, muscular. Unlike bulls and bears, which have a high percentage of body fat, and are slow moving, not agile.

The Hare has 360 degree vision and is constantly scanning the environment ahead, behind and on the sides for opportunities and threats.

The hare is a small animal and hence, does not have the giant ego of a bull or a bear. It can change its mind and direction very, very quickly. It can make U-turns far quicker than almost any animal.

The Hare is extremely intelligent because it needs to be so in order to survive against larger predators.

Our Global Footprint

Through First Global (UK) Limited, we trade across UK, US & Europe, in diverse markets like Finland, Spain, Germany, France, etc.

And we have done so for a good 20+ years.

Within the global institutional set, First Global deals primarily with Global Hedge Funds, and devises aggressive trading strategies for them globally, including long/short combinations.

First Global covers stocks across major markets, like, the US and Europe. In addition to this, it tracks select commodities, and major world economies.

Our Global Footprint


Ms. Devina Mehra - Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director

Ms. Devina Mehra is one of the most respected and credible names in the world of investing and research across the world with experience of 30+ years.
After setting up India's leading securities & research firm in the '90s, she spearheaded the company's global foray 1999-2000 onwards making First Global the first Asian (ex-Japan) member of the London Stock Exchange & the NASD, going on to set up a truly global research team covering stocks across the Americas, Europe and Asia.
She has been quoted extensively not just in the Indian media but also across the world in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Barron's, Business Week etc. She has called out major market turning points time and time again and was an early investor in HDFC Bank, Amazon, Apple, etc.
She has an MBA from the storied IIM, Ahmedabad where she was a Gold Medalist and a Graduate Degree in Mathematics, Statistics & English from Lucknow University where she won eight Gold Medals.

Founders of First Global


Mr. Neeraj Khanna - Director

A Chartered Accountant by profession for the last 33 years, having extensive knowledge and experience in diverse areas, including in the Securities Market, Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Banking, Corporate Management, Corporate Taxation, Financial Engineering and Consultancy.

He has been instrumental in channeling Indian Investments abroad as early as in 1999, when Indian investment abroad was an exception.

During his tenure as a Director and Group CFO of the First Global Group for the last 22 years, he has established and/or managed multiple lines of businesses including Institutional and Retail broking, Investment Banking, India and Global Portfolio Management Services and Global Funds for sophisticated investors. He has extensive experience in promoting new business ventures and companies in India as well as abroad.
He has exhaustive knowledge of various laws including Indian and Global Securities Laws, Direct Tax Laws, Indirect Tax Laws, Corporate Laws etc.

As the Director and Group CFO of the First Global Group, he has gained extensive experience in the National as well as International Regulatory framework relating to the securities markets and the laws and procedures laid down by the National and International regulators like the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) of U.S.A, Financial Service Authority (FSA) of U.K., Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA) to name a few.

Fund Management Team

Mr. Achin Agarwal - Head, Quantitative Research

Mr. Achin Agarwal heads the Quantitative Research, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning unit, leading a team of highly qualified mathematicians and engineers.
With research interests ranging from varied investment styles to modern artificial intelligence methods, to statistically significant adaptive ensembles, he has built scalable quantitative models that invest across a wide range of asset classes and in multiple geographies and has successfully managed global funds over a decade.
He has been extensively involved in research in various fields of mathematics and artificial intelligence, including deep learning, natural language processing, genetic algorithms, distributed computing, and their applications in asset management.
He has an MBA from IIM, Bangalore where he was featured in the Director’s Merit List and B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur where he stood in the top percentile of the graduating class.

Ms. Kavita Thomas - Vice President, Research

Ms. Kavita Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in Equity Research - all at First Global She has been part of the initial team at FG that conceived and set up a comprehensive global research product 2 decades ago. She started off as a Pharmaceuticals & Biotech analyst winning awards for the same.
Since 2013, she has spearheaded the entire fundamental research and fund management team at First Global leading an enthusiastic team of analysts.
Research written by her has been featured extensively in the global media including publications like Wall Street Journal, CBS Marketwatch, Business Week, Barron's etc.
She has a Bachelor's in Pharmaceuticals as well as an MBA from Mumbai University where she topped the course in all the semesters.

Best Financial Advisor

Mr. Alok Kumar - Product Specialist

Mr. Alok Kumar has 17 years of experience in analyzing India and Global Capital Markets at First Global.
He has played an instrumental role in the development of First Global’s ExoTech systems like Agreement in Motion (AIM)™ and Weight Watcher (WW)™ and has run these systems since inception.
He has an MBA in Finance from Pune University and a CTM from ICFAI, Hyderabad.

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