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We have a conscience. And we feel for your money

That's rare in this business, isn't it?

We have only one value that drives us: to deliver genuine value to our clients' portfolios.

What matters to us is not our income, our AUM or any metric like that.

Just one thing matters: how well have we done for you: Your wealth, your portfolio.

If your portfolios do well as a result of our advice, we sleep well.

Otherwise, we don't.

Whether our client is an individual or an institution, this has been our guiding philosophy from Day 1, 30 years back.

Given our nearly 30 years of investing experience, across the world (we are literally the very first global securities house out of India), usually, we get things right.

This is the reason why investors and money managers across the world value First Global highly - we are neutral. We are unbiased. We leave emotions out of Investing. With us, it's about You.

Not about us.

Because, in our world view, if you don't have conscience, you have nothing.


The First Global Edge

First Global is India's most innovative, forward-thinking, tech- driven Securities Firm.

And has been so for 30 years.

One more thing: we are The Most Trusted Securities house, too.

Why? What is Trust? Why do some people get it and some don't?

Trust=Track Record.

That's the equation

Blazing a trail of creative thinking, seeing trends ahead of the crowd, identifying major inflection points in companies, sectors, countries, regions and Asset Classes, First Global stands apart from the rest.

First Global is also India's first (and still the only) global securities firm, operating in multiple countries across the world, for the past 20+ years.

This globalization of our research and thinking, has given us tremendous experience and wisdom in understanding global macro and micro trends, way ahead of the rest of our competitors.

This ability to see things ahead, in turn, gives First Global's clients, an inside track on being ahead of the market.

And that's the key to making money in investing.

It's this trust in First Global's long term track record that leads major global Investors to act on First Global's advice and research.

At First Global, our sole mantra is: should we think the way the market is thinking? Or is it time to go against the herd.

It's this critical thinking that has always set us apart from the rest.

Be it identifying HDFC Bank on its listing day at Rs. 30, back in 1996, to identifying Infosys on its listing day in 1994!

At the same time, we have been unafraid to take strong stands against vastly inflated bubbles, whether in Tech, in 2000 February, or in Infrastructure and Financials, in December 2007.

In 2013, we saw the deep dislike for Indian small caps, as a great buying opportunity...small caps beat large caps by a vast margin for four years.

Or getting Amazon right at the bottom of its range, back in 2001, when the rest of Wall Street had thrown in the towel... the stock is up 150x since.

Apple was a similar bet in 2002.

Twitter in 2016 at $12-14

Indian chemical companies from 2014.

The list of our winning bets is endless.

And we do lose sometimes.

But what we win is vastly more than what we get wrong

That is key to Investing heaven, isn't it?

FIRST GLOBAL is a multinational firm of Indian origin, with operations spread all over India and in major global financial centers.

First Global is a composite member of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE).

First Global is a Category 1 Merchant Banker, and a licensed Portfolio Manager.

First Global is regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK.

First Global is an international, full-service securities house, servicing an institutional client base, across the US, UK, Continental Europe and India.

We also service HNI and other retail clients in India through a pan-India network of branches, as well as through online and mobile trading.

Our Global Footprint

Through First Global (UK) Limited, we trade across UK, US & Europe, in diverse markets like Finland, Spain, Germany, France, etc.

And we have done so for a good 20+ years.

Within the global institutional set, First Global deals primarily with Global Hedge Funds, and devises aggressive trading strategies for them globally, including long/short combinations.

First Global covers stocks on a fundamental and technical basis across major markets, like, the US and Europe. In addition to this, it tracks select commodities, and major world economies.

Our Global Footprint


First Global was founded in 1990, at the cusp of India's economic boom.

A couple of young financial professionals, set out to build India's first multinational securities firm.

And what a journey it's been...

Shankar Sharma is the Founder and Vice Chairman of the First Global Group.

An MBA from the prestigious Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines, where he was in the Dean’s list.

Devina Mehra is the Co-Founder and Head of Research at First Global.

She holds a graduation degree in Mathematics, Statistics and English from Lucknow University.

She completed her MBA in the year 1986 from the storied IIM, Ahmedabad.

She is a gold medalist at both IIM, Ahmedabad and Lucknow University.

Founders of First Global

Both Shankar Sharma and Devina Mehra are among the most trusted and credible finance professionals in India and abroad.

Decades of experience, tons of thinking, the ability to see tomorrow: all this is what First Global's Founders have delivered to clients.


Through bull markets and bear markets.

Through thick and through thin.

Accolades from Global Media

First Global's research and ideas have been covered in major US, European and Asian publications like

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