On Diwali, all of us worship the goddess Lakshmi but do we really show her the respect that is due to her?

If you look at the way you manage your own money or investments, you may find that this is often not the case.

Don't you spend more time and effort researching a 5000 or 10,000 Rupees purchase than you do a 50,000 or maybe, Rs. 5 lacs stock investment?

Very often the latter is done based on some tip from a friend, or even from someone anonymous on a chat group, maybe a half heard 'expert' opinion on a TV channel or something of the kind.

There is little thought that goes into the investment decision: based on what parameters are you buying that stock, where does it fit into your portfolio, what does your portfolio look like in the first place, how is it split between various sectors or asset classes - most such questions are not addressed at all.

Once you think about it you will realise that no matter how many lamps you are lighting before the goddess Lakshmi you are not really showing her enough respect.

This Diwali take a pledge to really start respecting her which means respecting your own money or investment corpus.

Whether you are doing it yourself or have an investment advisor of some sort, decide today that you are going to use a proper system for investing and monitoring your portfolio. Don't invest haphazardly and without a system.

The Smallcase platform gives a good opportunity to choose a portfolio basket that fits in with your goals, worldview and helps formulate the best portfolio management plan

FG-HUM (Human + Machine), for instance, uses a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence model, combined with decades of human expertise, to come up with a curated, diversified, Multi-cap, multi-sector list of 25-30 stocks that solve your savings investment dilemmas in one shot. And the investment process is also super simple which helps in better portfolio management. This could the best of any money saving tips you've come across.

Wish you and your portfolio a great Diwali and a great year ahead.

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