We did quite ok in January, 2020.

India Investment Products

The India Super 50 (IS50) did +8.9% in the month of January, '20 with a Sharpe Ratio of 2.8.

The India Multi Asset Allocation Portfolio (IMAAP), delivered +4.75% in January,'20 with a Sharpe of 3.7.

The NIFTY was down 1.7% and the NSE 500 was down 0.1% in January '20. 

So, pretty good.

But the real story is about why we decided to tweak a winning model this year

The way we tweaked our strategy for 2020

In 2019 we did pretty well in our India equity portfolio: The IS50 was up 11% and beat the NSE 500 handily (up just 0.1%).

But it still wasn't good enough for us - not good enough for what we wanted to deliver for your wealth management needs.

That's where our AI- ML models kicked in

Our performance data was analysed by our AI Engine, as it does every single second of the day. 

 Every data point.

Every structured and unstructured piece of data that went into our AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning) model was analysed, re-tests were run, tweaks were done, again re-tests, and so on.

And we then settled on a much improved Portfolio Management Model.

The model that would have delivered 20% in 2019. Yep, that's right!

But wait, it gets better.

This 20% would have been delivered on a diversified portfolio of 40-46 stocks! 

(Contrast this with the high risk approach taken by practically all PMS and normal fund managers, where they run hugely risky, concentrated portfolios of 5-10 stocks, in order to deliver even passable returns.)

That shows you the power of our approach. 

A widely diversified, risk mitigated model.

And yet, no give up on returns.

And it is this new, improved portfolio model that delivered the pretty decent +9% results in January 2020.

The First Global Edge: Marrying extreme data science + AI + ML, to decades of Human Intelligence

When you combine Human Intelligence with Machine Learning Intelligence, what you get is an ever improving model and portfolio composition that stays relevant in practically all market conditions. 

Most human beings will not improve beyond a point.

 But human beings combined with machines will keep improving constantly and relentlessly over time. 

That's the First Global edge for you: Relentless Improvement

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