Why Should Big Investors Have All The Fun?

First Global has been catering to big investors across the globe for more than 30 years now! We started with the very largest institutions in the world and then moved to include large family offices and high net worth individuals.

Over the years, we have moved from human intelligence, including a very refined level of fundamental analysis and data science, to exploring artificial intelligence in investing for maximum results. After studying and understanding these, we introduced our unique Human + Machine model which is a combination of both Human and Artificial Intelligence.

Our range of models came into existence in the form of our tech stack, ExoTech which combines several models or substacks because we realised that no one model was perfect and foolproof. This unique combination made our investment strategies more about skill than luck.

This distinctive model, used in our asset management, has several benefits. For instance, it enables us to analyse over 20,000 securities globally and nearly 1,000 in India quickly and consistently to come up with the best portfolios. The model can also analyse not just the large number of securities but also thousands of factors for each company in depth, be it the financial ratios or their growth derivatives. The model is also ideal because of its consistency, objectivity and bias-free analysis which is not possible when the analysis is done by humans only.

While a machine provides many advantages, human expertise is needed both in training and coding the machine as well as in providing an extra layer of analysis of factors which may not be captured in hard data, like geopolitical risks and policy decisions.

We have been using this model for our global and India asset management for a number of years with spectacular success - returns which are higher than the market, as well as those for other competing products, for comparatively low risk or volatility.

For instance, our India PMS has been the best performing multicap PMS since it started. Our global portfolio has also significantly outperformed benchmarks over the years. The performance in both cases is even better on a risk adjusted basis, as risk management is core to our philosophy.

Over time we have been getting a lot of requests from small investors asking to make our asset management services more accessible. On the global front, we already have a product that provides an entry to a multi-asset, geographically diversified portfolio at merely 10,000 dollars (about INR 7.5 lakhs)

For investments in India, we have now launched our newest product ‘FG-HUM’ on the Smallcase platform.

‘FG-HUM’ is a curated list of 25-30 stocks from India that simplifies your equity investing completely. This is a diversified, Multi-cap Portfolio that's a one stop shop for your equity investment needs. The operation of it is simple. It uses First Global’s Human + Machine (HUM) management expertise to ensure maximum protection of investors’ money and favourable returns. We have specially curated a list for our small investors which gives all of them a chance to have a diversified portfolio.

The operation is super simple and you don't even need to open a new trading/ demat account if your existing provider is already on the Smallcase platform. Click this link to get started.

First Global swears by the philosophy of steering clear of big and unnecessary risks and safeguarding our investors’ interests at all costs.

Even if you start small with us, in no time you will want to take it up a notch. That’s a promise!

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