Here's an optical illusion WITH an explanation of how it works. Yet even after reading and understanding the explanation, can you really 'unsee' it?

Optical illusions are a great example of 'Just because you understand it, doesn't mean you can get rid of it'...whatever type of bias, illusion or anomaly you're talking about.

Intellectually understanding something like this doesn't help you unsee it or purge it from your behaviour.

The great Daniel Kahneman, who has won the Nobel Prize for his work on human biases, says that his decades of work in the field have barely changed his decision-making!

That's because most biases served an evolutionary purpose. For example, the loss-aversion bias where we dislike losses more than we enjoy a similar level of profits was important as a hunter-gatherer because doing this kept you alive. You wanted to 'overreact' to the possibility of a sabre toothed tiger even if it turned out to be a false alarm.

Others were simple shortcuts as a result of evolution. For example, many optical illusions rely on the fact that our brains assume that light comes from above because that assumption worked most of the time. As they say 'Evolution is a hacker not a designer/engineer'

The issue is then this: Your biases are hardwired - even though they may sabotage your investment journey. Evolution frankly doesn't care about that - it's purpose is just to keep you alive.

There is only one way to get past them: to have a proper system and to follow that system. This was the understanding that took us towards the evolution of our unique Human + Machine (AI & ML) model of investing.

From the desk of Devina Mehra

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