Ready or Not, the World is set to Change

I am fascinated by ChatGPT.

What it does just weeks from the launch is truly amazing!

I see that a couple of years from now, it will be as much part of our life as say road direction Apps like Google Maps.

When was the last time you looked for offline directions? Exactly.

It is already as good as an intern or a non-expert, like say a content writer at a social media agency.

Ask it create a draft blog with a sketchy outline or question or, on the other hand, compress an old 2500 word article into 750 words and there you have it. Instantly!

Tell it about your business in 3 lines, ask it to make a draft presentation. The PPT slide topics appear immediately.

Ask to give details for possible approaches to one slide, say what to highlight when marketing your services. And done.

Give some hints/ outline and ask it to write a children's book. Done.

And of course, students are already using it not just to answer questions but even to write essays.

Truly mind-boggling.

Sure it isn't perfect.

Not as good as an expert? That's like saying it got only 85% marks in the exam.

Too expensive? Remember what the first iteration of anything looked like? The size of the first mobile phones, for example?

Remember it has been launched only WEEKS ago.

Right now there are all sorts of reasons being given why it's no threat to Google/ Alphabet, but that isn't true in my opinion.

Any incumbent, especially one behaving like a monopoly, leaves uncovered flanks.

Google itself gained as Yahoo was trying to keep visitors on its own site.

Instead of pushing them to click onto a link.

Guess what? Google is trying the same thing now, leaving room for a newcomer.

Other monopoly like behaviour includes penalising a company for plagiarism because they have similar sites in 2 geographies because it can't be bothered. Instead the site owner has to do the hard work and unnecessary work of writing different content for various countries even when they would prefer to have a consistent approach in the first place.

Amazon is the same for sellers where a seller can be taken off fairly arbitrarily.

All monopolies create opportunities as it is very difficult to disrupt your own, cash-generating model.

It's rumored that Google has similar tech, but will it disrupt its current buisnesses?

Or go the Kodak route - it built the digital camera but couldn't jump in whole-heartedly.

It isn't even about ChatGPT, maybe the winner will be someone else - but ready or not, AI is going to take over a lot of our lives.

And we will need to adapt. Education is an obvious area where, ready or not, this technology is and will be available to students. Old ways of teaching, learning, testing etc will all need to evolve to take this into account.

The important takeaway for me is that there are exciting times ahead!

Here's a good overview.

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