We at the First Global, just thought we would share our strategy for the past 30 days or so - a period of unprecedented turmoil & high volatility in the markets. 

Go through the nine things we did to navigate the Market.

  • We avoided most of the downfall in markets in the month of February and March, in India and Globally, because our systems saw a major crash coming

  • As a result, we were the best performing asset manager in India in this period and among the best in the world as well

  • We started off in March with substantial cash positions in India and globally - we had started moving into cash several weeks prior to this

  • Around the third week of March, we went 80% into to US and Chinese equities in the Global portfolios of our clients

  • We went 100% invested in India on the 1st of April

  • The result of these tactical shifts has been that we have gained 11% in global markets since mid- March. Quite a few of our Global portfolio stocks hit all-time highs recently!

  • We have gained 7-8% in India in the month of April itself

  • As the results are speaking loud and clear, we do not need to say much more: Our (Hu)man plus machine model delivers very strong risk management which protects in brutal markets like what we have seen recently, and it participates very well in markets that are up-trending

  • Our methods are Objective. Unemotional. Unbiased. Neutral. We have no attachment to any view, to any rigid philosophy...let alone to any sector or company

We just thought we would give you a quick update as to how we are keeping our clients wealth safe and growing, right through this once-in-a-hundred-year calamity.

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From the desk of

Devina Mehra

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