The Top 3 Trading Lessons from 2019.

Ok folks, thankfully 2019 is over! 

 Or, maybe not "thankfully"; the risks that existed in 2019 continued its existence in 2020, and given that parts of the world are about one bomb away from annihilation, there is little room for escape.

So, did we learn anything from our trading results in 2019? 

Well, yes. Buy low-sell high.

Just kidding 😁.

But seriously, it is interesting to see that the nifty index managed to provide a return of 11% in 2019 amidst an economy that, well, has seen better days. 

 And most of the time, it felt like a bear market!

 The index provided positive moves at the beginning of 2019. But, the bulls could not hold on to their rather weak grip, and they lost control (mildly put) on the index by June 2019.

 It was a nice little mayhem after that.

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