Something interesting we thought we would draw your attention to: 

Our Human + Machine caught the Dollar Debasement Trade from mid-2020, and that is paying off big!

Our Machine caught an incipient US Dollar weakening right in the middle of the year: in hindsight, it seems pretty obvious, but six months back, we had people laughing at us.

That weak dollar move is now being spoken about, but we were several months ahead of the curve.

The data looming up for the combined Budget and Current Account Deficits for the US was staggering: it had no parallel in almost any sensible country, over 30 years at least.

So the trade was set up beautifully by mid-year.

The Man+ Machine Model Validation

2020 was an immensely satisfying year: it was about the most Perfect Validation of our unique Combinatorial+Human Machine Investment Model, Global Investing as well as India Investing.

We delivered 35-40% returns on our Global PMS, GMAAP, on our Global Fund, GFF, as well as India Investment Products, with around half the Market Volatility. (As we say time and again, the key is whether returns were delivered without raising blood pressure too much, ie, The Peace Ratio, which is Returns÷Blood Pressure).

What gives us immense happiness (just a bit, not a lot, because having a Zen like attitude is what we strive for, but we do give in to occasional joy): in 2020, we are in Top 9% of Global Funds, in terms of Performance, beating by a wide, wide margin, funds like Jim Simons', Ray Dalio, etcetera.

In India, we are right on top of the PMS pack, by being the Best PMS by far.

Our thinking in 2020

In 2020, our initial bets on Global Tech in March paid off big. Just as our sidestepping of the March crash, via increased bets on Treasuries, and via our TIPP Tech (Tactical Insurance for Portfolio Protection) Strategy. 

And then, we gradually built non- US dollar assets, from June, having spotted the debasement of the US Dollar, earlier than most. So Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, later, Brazil, Russia, Bitcoin, all played their small roles in delivering us very good numbers.

Our Rare Earth play has been super, in 2020, one of our best in global markets. 

We also put on a small Allocation to Turkey: a market given up for dead, but interesting changes happening on the ground. And Turkey has done really well!

In India, we kept our cool through a late year rally in banks and leveraged financials: our cyclical bets were on steel, aluminum, some autos, cement, all of which again delivered reasonably well.

Our Approach: uncorrelated bets

Again, to underline our approach, we run strategies that take low/no-correlation bets: this ensures that we are generally positioned in the best areas of the markets but we aren't buying just one area of the market (e.g., tech), but directionally, an uncorrelated group of directionally outperforming stocks (think: BHP Billiton & Fiverr, JSW Steel and Infoedge. You get the drift)

In 2021, we will deliver more and better as our Models and Processes keep getting better every single day in the spectrum of portfolio management and wealth management (just last week, we stumbled upon some very interesting data patterns on Global Markets while running our data engines, all really exciting stuff!)

We look forward to putting our unique approach to investing, to work, building wealth for you everywhere. And keeping it safe, as well.

If you want any help at all in your wealth creation journey, in managing your Investments, just drop us a line via this link and we will be right by your side, super quick!

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