self drive portfolio baskets

Self Drive Portfolio Baskets

What are the self drive portfolio baskets?

The Self-Drive Portfolio Basket (SDPBs) is a game changing offering for small and mid-size investors from India's most trusted and innovative brokerage house: First Global.

SDPB simplifies your Equity investing. Completely.

With the SDPB Product, even smaller Investors can get market beating returns, by following the basket recommendations of First Global strictly.

It is designed for Investors wanting to invest between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs.45 lakhs in the Indian markets

In case, your investible amount is larger OR you would also like to consider global investments, do let us know and we will recommend our in-house managed PMS products which will be better suited to your needs.

Coming back to the SDPB, what it does for you is this: it is a no-hassle product - perfect for your busy life.

There is no need to get bombarded by broker calls/ emails of "Buy this/ Sell that", daily.

No need of reading voluminous research reports and wondering what to do with them.

We use a process similar to our PMS to carefully hand-pick a list of 15-20 stocks - these come through the tough filters of First Global's world famous analytical process, that use a unique model of marrying Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Key important aspects in order to optimise your returns. We recommend that you:

  • Please follow our recommendations exactly without any deviations
  • Please follow our Risk Management levels and stop losses exactly
  • Please do the rebalancing exactly as per our communication

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